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Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

A Memory of Light

Categories: [ Books/Wheel of Time ]

ISBN: 9781841498713

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Fourteenth book of the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, published in 2012. The Trollocs are attacking on multiple fronts. Rand manages to unite all the people to fight in the Last Battle under Elayne's command. He also convinces Tuon that the Seanchan must take part in the battle against the Shadow. In the Black Tower, Taim is revealed as a Darkfriend and turns Asha'men to the Shadow. Logain, his prisoner, resists and with a few followers manages to escape when Perrin, in the World of Dreams chasing Slayer, deactivates the ter'angreal that prevents making gateways. The battle is going badly for the forces of the Light, especially since the four Great Captains are under Compulsion from Moghedien and do mistakes on purpose. They are howerver relieved of their command and Mat, unaffected by the Power thanks to his medallion, becomes the General of the armies. Meanwhile, Rand enters a cave in Shayol Ghul and confronts the Dark One in spirit while swordfighting against Moridin. He is shown possible futures where the Shadow wins and where Rand kills it as he intends, but none of them seems good to Rand. On the battlefield, Galad and Gawin die figthing Demandred, leader of the Sharans, who have suddenly appeared on the Shadow's side; Egwene dies as well, burned out by drawing too much Power while reparing the rips in the Pattern caused by Demandred's repeated use of balefire. Faile, in charge of taking the Horn of Valere from Tar Valon to Mat, ends up with the Horn in the Blight, and then at a Trolloc's camp. She gives Olver the Horn, asking him to find Mat, while she disappear distracting the Trollocs. Olver, trapped, eventually sounds the Horn, making the Heroes of the Horn appear and fight along the forces of the Light. Lan finally manages to kill Demandred while Rand understands that the Dark One cannot be killed and closes the Bore, preventing it from reaching the world again. He then wins against Moridin and exits the cave carrying his body. The Shadow being without a leaders, the forces of Light eventually win the battle. The last of the Forsaken are killed or taken prisoner. Rand apparently dies, and his body is burned on a public funeral pyre, but his spririt wakes up in Moridin's body; he quitely leaves.

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Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Towers of Midnight

Categories: [ Books/Wheel of Time ]

ISBN: 9780765364876

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Thirteenth book of the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, published in 2010. Perrin is slowly learning how not to be drawn into the Wolf Dream. At the same time, he fights Slayer, a mysterious character who kills wolves in the Wolf Dream and who prevents Perrin's army from travelling in the real world through gateways, thanks to a rare ter'angreal. In the real world, he faces the army of the children of the Light, now led by Galad, Elayne's half-brother. The Children accuse Perrin of being a Darkfriend and of having mudered two Children back in the Two-Rivers. Ex-queen Morgase, working under a false name as a maid for Perrin, reveals herself and is chosen by Galad as a judge, which eventually allows Perrin to walk free. The Whitecloaks then join Perrin's huge army and move to Andor, the Last Battle being very near. Trollocs have attacked in the North in large numbers. Meanwhile, Mat also arrives in Andor and sells Elayne plans for a new kind of weapon (a gun). He then frees Moiraine, prisoner in the parallel world of the Eelfinns and the Aelfinns, entering their world through a legendary tower made of metal. In the Black Tower, Logain has mysteriously disappeared and Taim is splitting the Asha'men into two factions; men loyal to Logain find impossible to escape the tower using gateways, and make an alliance with the Aes Sedai sent by the ex-Amyrlin to go agains Taim. In the end, trollocs attack Caemlyn through a long-forgotten Waygate.

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Friday, July 22nd, 2011

The Gathering Storm

Categories: [ Books/Wheel of Time ]

ISBN: 9781841492322

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Twelfth book of the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, published in 2009. In this book, Rand, who had made a Forsaken prisoner, is almost made prisoner by this foe and (unsuccessfully) coerced into strangling Min, but escapes by accessing a new, unknown source of power; the event makes hime turn even harder and pityless. He also attempts to make peace with the Seanchan, not to have them attacking his rear while he fights the Dark One, but Tuon refuses. Aviendha is finally accepted as an Aiel Wise One. Egwene, in the White Tower, manages to turn many influential Aes Sedai against their tyrannical ruler, and eventually, after a raid by the Seanchan, reunites all Aes Sedai and is chosen as Amyrlin Seat. She also obtains information about the Black Ajah (from an Aes Sedai who joined the Black to study it) and especially a list of Black Aes Sedai, which she uses to purge the White Tower. In the end, Rand finally understands why he has to (probably) die facing the Dark One, even though Lews Therin had done it (and failed) in the previous Age: the world gets a second chance, and love can make the events turn differently from the previous time. Lews Therin's voice disappears from his head and Rand laughs again for the first time.

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Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Knife of Dreams

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ISBN: 0812577566

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Eleventh book of the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, published in 2005. In this book, Mat Cauthon gets married to Tuon, daughter of the nine moons and probably future Empress of the Seanchan. Perrin rescues Faile and others from the Shaido, who, after losing Sevanna to the Seanchan, decide to go back the the Three-Fold Land and never leave it again. Rand and others get attacked by thousands of trollocs and myrdraals; soon after Rand falls into a trap set by one of the Forsaken and looses a hand (but the Forsaken is made prisonner). Elayne manages to end the siege of Caemlyn, rally enough Houses to her in order to become the new queen, and to arrest several black ajah aes sedai. Finally, Egwene, who had been kidnapped by Elaida's followers is back in the White Tower as a novice, but slowly plants seeds of discord between aes sedai and Elaida.

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