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Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Towers of Midnight

Categories: [ Books/Wheel of Time ]

ISBN: 9780765364876

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Thirteenth book of the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, published in 2010. Perrin is slowly learning how not to be drawn into the Wolf Dream. At the same time, he fights Slayer, a mysterious character who kills wolves in the Wolf Dream and who prevents Perrin's army from travelling in the real world through gateways, thanks to a rare ter'angreal. In the real world, he faces the army of the children of the Light, now led by Galad, Elayne's half-brother. The Children accuse Perrin of being a Darkfriend and of having mudered two Children back in the Two-Rivers. Ex-queen Morgase, working under a false name as a maid for Perrin, reveals herself and is chosen by Galad as a judge, which eventually allows Perrin to walk free. The Whitecloaks then join Perrin's huge army and move to Andor, the Last Battle being very near. Trollocs have attacked in the North in large numbers. Meanwhile, Mat also arrives in Andor and sells Elayne plans for a new kind of weapon (a gun). He then frees Moiraine, prisoner in the parallel world of the Eelfinns and the Aelfinns, entering their world through a legendary tower made of metal. In the Black Tower, Logain has mysteriously disappeared and Taim is splitting the Asha'men into two factions; men loyal to Logain find impossible to escape the tower using gateways, and make an alliance with the Aes Sedai sent by the ex-Amyrlin to go agains Taim. In the end, trollocs attack Caemlyn through a long-forgotten Waygate.

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