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Sunday, August 13th, 2006


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Les sections blog qui contiennent plus de 40 entrées sont divisées en pages. Ceci a nécessité de changer la manière dont Blosxom génère le HTML. Je suppose que mon moteur de blog n'est plus vraiment Blosxom, bien qu'il soit compatible avec Blosxom V2.

Blog sections containing more than 40 entries are divided into pages. This required to change the way Blosxom generates the HTML. I guess that my blog engine is not really Blosxom anymore, although it is compatible with Blosxom V2.

Blogin osat joissa on yli 40 artikkelia on jaettu sivuihin. Sitä varten täytyi muuttaa tapaa jolla Blosxom tuottaa HTML koodia. Luulen että minun blog-moottori ei enää ole Blosxom, mutta se on yhteensopiva Blosxomin kanssa.

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The Original Illustrated STRAND Sherlock Holmes

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ISBN: 1853268968

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All the Sherlock Holmes stories (novels and short stories) ever written by Arthur Conan Doyle and published in the ‘STRAND’ magazine. Pages are laied out in two columns, and there are numerous illustrations.

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