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Mercredi, 26 mars 2008

The Fifth Elephant

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Catégories : [ Livres/Discworld ]

ISBN: 0552146161

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A copy of the Scone of Stone, an import dwarf relic, has been stolen from the dwarf bread museum at Ankh-Morpork. Soon after, a maker of rubber goods is found dead. Then Vetinari sends Vimes as an ambassador to Uberwald to represent the city at the coronation of the Low King. Vimes soon discovers that the situation in Uberwald is quite tense, where traditionalist dwarfs try to prevent the more liberal king to become the king. The plot involves werewolves (from Angua's family, who are nothing like her), vampires and of course the two factions of dwarfs. Although nobody would admit it to Vimes at first, the original Scone of Stone has been stolen, even though it was physically impossible. The Scone is of course an essential item in the coronation ceremony. While Vimes slowly finds elements of answer to the mysterious theft, he is imprisonned by the dwarfs for an alleged attempt against the life of the future Low King, escapes thanks to a vampire, ambushed by Wolfgang, Angua's brother, and saved in the nick of time by Angua and Carrot who came to Uberwald on their own. Vimes then forces Angua's mother to give him the copy of the Scone and brings it back to the dwarves, where it is authenticated as the real Scone, to Vimes' amazement. The future king explains that the relic had been destroyed an re-baked sevaral times over the past centuries (it would not have resisted the passage of time anyway), and that this copy is as good as the original (which had been reduced to dust in order to make make dwarves believe it had been stolen).

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Mardi, 25 mars 2008

Chocolats 2

Catégories : [ Cuisine/Chocolats ]

Michel Cluizel, Plantation « Los Anconès », Saint Domingue, 67% : légèrement amer

Michel Cluizel, Plantation « Concepcion », Venezuela, 66% : vaguement truffé

Michel Cluizel, Plantation « Mangaro », Madagascar, 65% : olive noire

Michel Cluizel, Plantation « Maralumi », Papouasie, 64% : légèrement acide, fruité

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Mardi, 18 mars 2008

Are Your Card Sleeves Too Wide?

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Catégories : [ Bricolage ]

I bought a pack of 25/8 x 35/8 card sleeves to protect my Citadels character cards, but they are of course too wide (they are meant for Magic The Gathering cards). The guy at the shop suggested I could melt the side with a lighter, but he meant it as a joke (I hope). But what actually works (I just tried) is a soldering iron.

The sleeves are made of polypropylene, which melts at about 170 °C, but doesn't burn before 570 °C, so it's quite safe if you have an adjustable temperature soldering iron. I tried to tracing a line slowly on the sleeve along a piece of PCB board (because it's a heat insulator, I wouldn't have tried this with a plastic or aluminium ruler), and it made a nice seal. I suppose that cutting along the seam with a hobby knife would remove the excess plastic without destroying the sleeve.

Next step, mass production (that is, 9 sleeves for the basic characters, and 10 more for the extended characters).

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Samedi, 15 mars 2008

Carpe Jugulum

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Catégories : [ Livres/Discworld ]

ISBN: 0552146153

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The newly born princess of Lancre is going to be baptised soon, but Granny Weatherwax's invitation got stolen by a magpie and the old witch, believing she is not invited, decides to leave Lancre forever, since Nanny, Magrat and Agnes make a perfect trio of witches. Meanwhile, Verence trying to be a modern king has invited vampires to Lancre, and the vampires have decided to stay and take over the kingdom. And to make it harder, the old recipes againts the vampires (garlic, daylight and so on) don't work on these modern vampires. The three witches manage to find Granny and convince her to help them, but she got bitten by one vampire and is going to turn into one herself. Or is she? Granny knows how to conceal part of her mind in anything living. Nanny believes she hid in the baby, Agnes believes she did in her own mind… Since even a good old fashioned mob doesn't succeed in getting rid of the vampires, the witches must flee from Lancre and, with the help of Igor, the vampires' servant who doesn't like his too-modern masters, arrive in Uberwald, in the vampires' family castle. The witches fight the vampires in the every corridor until Granny finally arrives at the castle and explains that she hid part of her mind in the vampire Count's blood, effectively Weatherwaxing him, instead of her being vampirised. A phoenix (natural predator of vampires), found by Granny in Lancre gets rid of the modernist count, and finally everything is well that ends well.

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Dimanche, 9 mars 2008


Catégories : [ Râleries ]

Mais jusqu'où vont-ils aller trop loin ?

La « pub après la pub » bouffe le tiers du bas de l'image pour annoncer les programmes à venir après une séquence de pub (SciFi) ou le coin en haut à gauche (MTV3).

La « pub dans la pub » annonce les programmes à venir pendant le générique de la pub (MTV3).

À quand des programmes dans les programmes, pour changer ?

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Vendredi, 7 mars 2008


Catégories : [ Cuisine/Chocolats ]

Michel Daniel, Tanzanie 75% : légèrement amer

Michel Daniel, Cuba 70% : doux

Michel Daniel, Saint Domingue 70% : doux, biscuit

Michel Daniel, bio équitable « Ecuador » 70% : crémeux, acidulé

Thierry Mulhaupt, Ghana 68% : amer, caoutchouc EDIT (2016) : noix de coco

Michel Daniel, Mexique 66% : doux, bonbon

Thierry Mulhaupt, Équateur 66% : piparkakku

Michel Daniel, « Alto el Sol » 2006, Pérou 65%: doux, fruit rouge, vanille

Thierry Mulhaupt, Madagascar 64% : acidulé, ?

Thierry Mulhaupt, République Dominicaine 64% : praliné

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Mardi, 4 mars 2008

Manifold: Origin

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Catégories : [ Livres ]

ISBN: 0345430808

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Third volume of the Manifold trilogy, Origin has been published in 2002 by Stephen Baxter.

The moon has been mysteriously replaced with another one, much larger, red and covered with water, land and a breathable atmosphere. At the same time, a blue ring has appeared in the sky in front of Malenfant and Emma's jet plane. Emma is sucked into the ring just after ejecting and is transported to the surface of the Red Moon. She encounters strange hominids, Homo Erectus called the Runners, and Homo Neanderthal called the Hams who both speak some English, if only single words for the Runners (there are also other, more primitive hominids called the Elves and the Nutcracker). Life is hard but she manages to survive. Meanwhile on Earth, Malenfant manages to convince NASA to send him and Nemoto to the Red Moon in a rocket. After landing, they meet an Englishman from a parallel Earth who has been there for years, living with some of his friends and Hams. All hope of going back to the Earth disappears when the Red Moon shifts again from one parallel universe to another. But from this new Earth comes a group of Homo Superior (later nicknamed Deamons) who want to understant who is behind the Red Moon's travel, and what is its purpose. Nemoto meets them first, after splitting with Malenfant who wanted to find his wife. In the meantime, Malenfant has met another group of Homo Sapiens called the Zealots who have organized around a religious fanatic who wants to expand and conquer the whole Moon and use Hams and Runners as slaves. Malenfant is prisoner of the Zealots and has been tortured to death when Emma finally goes to his rescue with the help of her Ham friends, but he dies soon after. With Nemoto and the Deamons they enter the crater of the giant volcano, obviously artificial, and they learn that the Red Moon has been made by humans from the future who have forced the creation of mutiple universes. In every universe where there was no intelligent species, they have used the moon to take samples of homonids from one universe and move them to another one.

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Samedi, 1er mars 2008

Murphy's Irish Stout

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Catégories : [ Bière ]


Slightly bitter, tastes fainlty of chocolate. Contains malted barley, roasted barley, chocolate malt.

Inbev UK Limited, Luton, England. 4.0% alcohol.

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Never Say Never Again

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Catégories : [ TV/Cinéma/James Bond ]


Source Wikipedia

James Bond is getting old, and MI6 doesn't need 00 agents any more. After failing a combat test, Bond is sent to a specialized clinic in order to get back in shape. He discovers something fishy there, and almost gets killed. Soon after, two nuclear bombs are stolen from the US Air Force by SPECTRE, and 00 agents are sent back to the field in order to say the world once more. Bond investigates Maximilain Largo, in relation with an Air Force officer, now dead, who is suspected to have been involved in the the theft of the bombs, and whom Bond has met at the clinic. Largo lives on a yacht in the Bahamas, and Bond meets him there once. Largo then leaves to Nice where he owns a casino and where he holds a charity event. Bond meets him a second time, and manages to escape death again. He later gets invited on Largo's boat for lunch, and is made (politely) prisonner, and taken to North Africa, where Largo owns an antique fortress. Bond manages to escape, find out where the bomb is located, fight Largo, disarm the bomb and save the day. At the end, he quits MI6 and moves to Bahamas with Largo's ex-girlfriend.

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