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Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Night Watch

Categories: [ Books/Discworld ]

ISBN: 0060013125

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Vimes chases Carcer, a psychopath killer up to the roof of Unseen University. Suddenly, because of a storm during a magic experiment, Vimes and Carcer are moved back in time thirty years, at a time where Vimes was only a young lance constable in the Night Watch. The old Vimes assumes the identity of John Keel, an old seargent who had arrived in Ankh-Morpork the same day and who had, in the original History, taught young Vimes about how to be a good Copper. The real Keel has been killed by Carcer soon after his arrival in Ankh-Morpork and the current captain of the Treacle Mine Road watch house is gullible enough to listen to the Vimes from the future. Vimes also meets Lu-Tze the History Monk, who explains that he has to play the part of Keel and stop Carcer in order to patch up History. In the next days, Vimes plays his role, but turns the watchmen into good coppers who care about their jobs. He also fights the Unmentionnables, the secret police of the current Patrician. Carcer has, unsuprisingly, become a seargent in the Unmentionnables. Meanwhile, a revolution is preparing in Ankh-Moropork (Vimes knows about it, of course). Barricades are built in the streets, and Vimes does his best to keep the peace behind the barricades, so that the army (martial law has been declared) doesn't have a reason to attack them. In the evening, the patrician is assassinated (by Vetinari, a then young member of the Assassin's Guild), replaced by a new Patrician worth no better than the old one, who orders Carcer (now captain of the Patrician's guard) to kill Keel. Vimes and a handfull of his coppers and some civilans try to escape Carcer and his men. Many are killed, but as soon as Vimes has his hands on Carcer, Lu-Tze reappears, puts the real Keel's body where Vimes was, and sends Vimes and Carcer back to their original time. Carcer escapes while Vimes checks on his wife who is about to give birth. Sybil and the baby (called Sam also) are safe, and Vimes finally catches Carcer at the cemetary, near the graves of those who died thirty years ago fighting Carcer.

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