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Sunday, April 5th, 2009


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Since his wife's murder, Leonard cannot form any new memory; if he doesn't write it down or shoot it with his instant camera, everything he does or happens to him fades from his memory quite quickly. His only goal in life is to get his revenge on the man who killed his wife, named John or James G. Because of his condition, he is abused by a cop (Teddy) who makes him kill people in different cities, but Leonard never remembers what he did. When Teddy tells him about this, that the he had already killed the real John G. a year ago, and that even he is a John G., Leonard decides to write down for himself that he must no trust Teddy's lies, writes down that Teddy's car's licence plate is yet another clue to whom killed his wife, and soon convinces himself that Teddy is the man he is looking for. He is helped by the girlfriend of the man he killed last; that woman also abuses his condition and makes him kill another person. Eventually, Leonard finds Teddy and kills him.

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