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Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Sin City

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Three stories combined into one movie:

  • That Yellow Bastard: a cop saves a little girl from a rapist who's also the son of a powerful senator. The cop spends eight years in prison because of the senator, and finally confesses the rapist's crimes in order to be released. He then seeks the girl whom he had saved, but is followed by the rapist. He eventually kills him, then commits suicide to protect the girl.
  • The Hard Goodbye: Marv finds the prostitute he was sleeping with dead. He finds the killer, a cannibal who eats prostitutes, who was hired by a cardinal of the churh, of the family of the senator in the previous story. Marv is finally taken, forced into confessing the murders of the protsitutes, and executed.
  • The Big Fat Kill: Dwight kills the man who is harrassing his girlfriend, with the help of the Old Town's prostitutes. The man turns out to be a cop, and Dwight tries to hide the body in the local tar pit in order to prevent the truce between the police and the protstitutes. Mercenaries (called by one of the prostitutes who's a snitch) shoot at him and take back the head. Dwight manages to take it back and to destroy it.

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