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Thursday, May 28th, 2009

The Lady Vanishes

Categories: [ TV/Cinema/Hitchcock ]



Because of an avalanche, a bunch of people are stuck in a hotel in central Europe (clearly not nazi-controlled Austria), waiting for the train which will arrive the next morning. Iris, a young woman meets Miss Froy, an elderly lady and a governess. Just before getting on the train, Iris is hit on the head by a falling flowerpot (pushed by a mysterious hand). They get on the train together, drink tea together, and then Iris gets asleep. When she wakes up, the Lady has disappeared. All the passengers of the wagon deny having seen her, for various reasons of their own (avoiding scandal, or trying not to get delayed any further). For the surgeon who happens to be on the train, she is hallucinating. The surgeon is receiving a laid down, bandaged-face patient at one station, travelling with him to the next where he's going to operate him at the local hospital. Suddenly, a false Miss Froy reappears. Iris finally manages to convince Gilbert that she is not hallucinating, and that the couple in her compartment (an illusionist and his wife) are involved in the lady's kidnapping. They conclude that the bandaged person is actually Miss Froy. They confront the surgeon who admits the kidnapping, then with the help of his remorseful accomplice, the substitute the fake Miss Froy to the real one. When the surgeon finds out, he gets the local authorities to stop the train in the middle of nowhere. A gunfight follows, where Miss Froy admits to be an English spy. She gives her coded message to Gilbert and Iris, to transmit to the Foreign Office, leaves the train in an attempt to escape on her own. The passengers of the train manage to restart the locomotive, and cross the border. In London, Gilbert and Iris arrive at the foreign office and meet Miss Froy who somehow managed to arrive there before them.

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