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Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Reign of Fire

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England, 2020. Dragons have been roaming the Earth for the past twenty years since the son of an engineer at a construction dig in London found the first dragon. As the dragons feed on ashes, they burnt almost everything (and the use of nuclear weapons in the early time of the invasion didn't help). People are surviving in small communities, such as one in a castle in Northumberland, lead by the now-grown-up finder of the first dragon. One day, a group of American soldiers arrive at the gate of the castle with heavy equipment, and present themselves as dragonslayers. They discovered that all the dragons are females, except one male, which they believe is in London. The residents of the castle don't want to accompany them to London. The same day, the male dragon kills most of the Americans and attacks the castle. The two remaining Americans and the leader of the castle fly to London with the American's helicopter. He leads the group to the old construction site, and they manage to slay the male, thus provoking the specie's extinction.

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