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Friday, November 20th, 2009

Joy in the Morning

Categories: [ Books/Wodehouse ]

ISBN: 9780091745745

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Published in 1947.

Bertie meets by accident Florence Craye, to whom he once had been engaged. He then meets his school friend Stilton Cheesewright who just got engaged to Florence (and is very jealous). Jeeves then tells him that Lord Worplesdon, Florence's father and second husband of Bertie's Aunt Agatha, had asked him to go to his place at Steeple Bumpleigh to organise a secret meeting with J. Chichester Clam, an american businessman. Bertie is additionally asked by his friend Boko Fittleworth to help him getting Worplesdon's blessing to marry the lord's ward, Nobby Hopwood. Boko being a writer, Worplesdon the businessman is not going to give the permission easily, but since Worplesdon hates Bertie, the latter has no idea how to plead for him. In Steeple Bumpleigh, Bertie and Jeeves are given a cottage belonging to Worplesdon, which is going to be used as the meeting place. Alas, as soon as Bertie arrives, the place is burned down by Edwin, Worplesdon's pest of a son. One night, while Bertie was playing the burglar in order to allow Boko to save the day and get the favours of the Lord, the latter's meeting with Clam in the potting shed is aborted because the american is confused with a robber. Jeeves then suggests to convince Worplesdon and Clam to meet at the masked ball in the neighbouring town, something made possible since Aunt Agatha is currently away. Meanwhile, Florence gets angry at Stilton, and decides to get engaged to Bertie again, which makes Stilton angry and Bertie nervous, Stilton being the local policeman (a fact Florcence hates, since her father could have arranged for him to become a member of Parliament, but Stilton wants to make his own living). In trying to get Florence to break the engagement, Bertie kicks Edwin (an action that had allowed Boko to get Florence to break her engagement with him once), but Florence being annoyed by Edwin's latest actions finds this a good thing; Worplesdon however witnesses the scene and gets suddenly fond of Bertie. When Worplesdon finally manages to meet Clam at the ball and make business with him, Boko uses the fact that he's in a good mood to get his permission to marry Nobby. Eventually, Stilton resigns from the Police and gets engaged to Florence again.

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