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Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Xorg intel Driver and Refreshing Graphics

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The not-so-new-anymore computer at work has an intel graphics card, I therefore use the intel Xorg driver. Since Day One, bitmaps (background images) in Firefox got scrambled when they were being repainted. For example, when the top of the page has a background image, after scrolling down and up again, the image is redisplayed by slices, and each slice was repainted upside down.

I finally found the culprit today, after trillions of CPU cycles used for recompiling various versions of Firefox: if I set the AccelMethod option in xorg.conf to XAA (the default value being EXA), it works properly.

Now I just have to find out why the computer crashes (and shuts down) when I restart xdm.

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