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Sunday, September 26th, 2010

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

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After the bombing of their town during World War II, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are sent by their mother to a safer place in the country side, at a professor's manor. While playing hide-and-seek, Lucy discovers a wardrobe in an empty room. The back of the wardrobe opens to Narnia, a parallel world. She meets a faun who at first tries to kidnap her and deliver her to the White Witch, who had taken over Narnia a hundred years ago. But the faun decides to let her go after all. Back into the real world, she notices that no time has passed there. Her brothers and sister at first don't believe her, but one night Edmund follows Lucy as she goes back to Narnia. Edmund meets the White Witch by accident, and she convinces him to bring his brother and sisters to her. The four children return to Narnia together, and find that the faun has been arrested. They then meet a couple of talking beavers who tell them that the White Witch is evil, and that according to the prophecy, they are to become the kings and queens of the four kingdoms and end the Witch's reign. Edmund doesn't want to believe that the Witch is evil and leaves on his own to meet her. He soon realizes that she actually is evil, but it's too late. Meanwhile, the other three children, led by the beavers, are trying to rejoin Aslan's army, who is about the fight the Witch. They eventually reach their goal and discover that Aslan is a large talking lion. Soon after the Witch arrives to parley with Aslan and announce that Edmund being a traitor, he must die on the Stone Table. Aslan manages to exchange his life against Edmund's, and he dies on the Stone Table. But on the next morning he resurrects because the Table wouldn't let anyone die who hasn't committed a fault. The armies of the Witch and the one of Aslan, led by Peter since Aslan is believed to be dead, fight each other, and eventually Aslan's army wins. The four children are crowned kings and queens, and stay in Narnia for fifteen years. One day, they find the way back to the wardrobe by accident and decide to go home. Later, Lucy enters the wardrobe again, but the passage to Narnia is closed. The professor tells her that he had been trying for years to go back, but that they will go back when they least expect to.

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