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Sunday, October 17th, 2010


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In the desert in Qatar, US troops are attacked by a helicopter that transformed into a robot. Later, they are attacked again by a scorpion-shaped robot. Meanwhile Sam, a teenager, gets a used car from his father. But the car is stolen one night and he follows it on a bicycle. He sees the car transform into a robot. The police of course doesn't believe him. Later, he is chased by a police car that transforms as well, and he is saved by his car. He soon meets the five Autobots who explain they are looking for glasses that had belonged to his great-grandfather and that he was trying to sell on EBay. The man had discovered a frozen robot in the arctic (Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons) and information about the location of the Spark, an energy cube, got engraved in the lenses of the glasses. If the Decepticons manage to find the cube first, they will use it to turn the machines to robots (that's the power of the cube) and wipe out life from Earth. The Autobots are here to prevent that from happening. Sam later gets arrested by a secret government organization and taken to a facility where Megatron has been kept frozen for the past eighty years; the cube had been discovered as well, and the facility built around it. But the other Decepticons cut the power to let their leader thaw, and the people have to flee. They hope to hide the cube (which has been conveniently reduced in size and mass by Sam's Autobot) in the nearest city. A large battle takes place. The cube is eventually destroyed, provoking the death of Megatron. The Autobots have no hope of using it to revive their planet, and decide to stay on Earth, hiding.

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The Transporter

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Frank transports things and people in his car, no questions asked. One day, he discovers that the bag he is transporting contains a bound and gagged woman. He delivers her, but his client tries to kill him. He returns to the house of his client to take his revenge but the main villain is absent from the house. Frank then escapes with the the woman and takes her to his place. She manipulates him into helping her save asiatic people soon to arrive in a container in Marseille, to be sold as slaves. After the client tried to kill them again, Frank decides to help the woman and they go the client's office, but Frank eventually gets arrested. But the policeman is quite friendly and recognizes the fact that Frank could save those people much faster than the police could. After a long car chase, he eventually saves the prisoners.

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