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Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1

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Voldemort is back and threatens Great Britain. Harry is taken out of his uncle's home by his wizard friends and to safety at the Burrow. During the wedding of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour the Death Eaters attack and Harry, Hermione and Ron flee. Harry follows the orders of the late Dumbledore i.e., to seek and destroy the horcruxes containing bits of Voldemort's soul. One of those, a locket, had been stolen from the house at Grimmauld's Place by Mundungus Fletcher and forcibly sold to Dolores Umbridge, now collaborating with the Death Eaters who have taken over the Ministry of Magic. In disguise, they infiltrate the Ministry and steal the locket from around Umbridge's neck. They then flee to the countryside. Ron is hurt and needs to rest a lot. Harry and Hermione try to find a way to destroy the locket: the sword of Griffindor would do the job, but it is nowhere to be found. Harry also has visions of Voldemort looking for the Elder Wand, one of the three Deathly Hallows. Because of the evil effect of the locket, Ron becomes jealous of Harry and Hermione and leaves. The other two then go to Godric's Hollow in the hope to meet Bathilda Bagshot who knew the Dumbledore family well, in the hope she can tell them something about the other horecuxes. But Bathilda has already been killed and they barely escape an attack by Voldemort's snake, Nagini. After that, Harry sees a Patronus that leads him to the sword, at the bottom of a frozen pond. Ron reappears at that moment and helps him destroy the locket. They then visit Xenophilius Lovegood, who could tell them about the Deathly Hallows, but since his daughter Luna has been kidnapped by the Death Eaters, he warns them of our three heroes' presence in the hope that Luna will be returned to him in exchange. Harry also has a vision that the Elder Wand is in Dumbledore's grave. They manage to escape but are eventually caught by Snatchers and led to Malfoy's manor. There (and other prisoners: Luna, Ollivander and Griphook) are saved by Dobby, who gets killed in the escape. In the end, Voldemort opens Dumbledore's tomb and takes the Wand.

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The system of the World

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ISBN: 9780099463369

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Third volume of The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson, following The Confusion. Divided into three books, Solomon's Gold, Currency and The System of the World.

Solomon's Gold

1714. Invited by Princess Caroline, Daniel Waterhouse returns to London after twenty years in Massachusets where he founded the Institute for Technologickal Arts. Caroline wants him to mend the philosophical gap between Leibniz, who has been her mentor, and Isaac Newton, currently Master of the Royal Mint. On his way back he meets Newcomen, building an Engine for Litfing Water by Fire and is looking for investors. Soon after Daniel's arrival at the Royal Society, he is injured by an infernal machine, an explosive ignited by clockwork. With the help of a few other people, he starts investigating to find the maker of the bomb. A second bomb destroys a ship being build for Peter the Great, czar of Russia, and the shipwright joins in the investigation. Daniel then visits Newton and learns that he is still looking for the Solomonic gold, which is infused with whatever principle animates the human body. Daniel remembers, from his time on Minerva crossing the ocean, that the ship contained unusual ballast, and soon understands that it is the Gold Isaac is looking for. As a Master of the Mint, Newton also fights coiners, and one of them is especially dificult to locate. While Newton is sent to a wild goose chase, Jack the Coiner invest the tower of London and places fake coins in the Pyx (a strongbox where samples of fresly minted coins are placed) after literally showering fake gold guineas over the city, in order to discredit Newton's work as a Master of the Mint.


In Hanover, Caroline is targeted by assassins, and with the help of Eliza and her son Johann she flees to London incognito. There she meets Daniel who tries to convince Eliza to invest in his Logic Mill, a prototype of a “thinking machine” that Leibniz had asked him to build. Data is fed to the machine with punched cards made of (solomonic) gold. Peter the Great is another investor in the project, and all the cards are planned to be shipped to Saint Petersburg when they are made. Meanwhile, Daniel also tries to locate artifacts made by Hooke in the early days of the Royal Society to send to the czar who wants to train his philosophers and start his own philosophical society. In the Bedlam asylum, he finds a note by Hooke that proves that he did die whe Hooke performed a lithotomy on him and that he was revived by Enoch the Red who used an alchemical formula transcribed by Hooke on the note. With the help of a thief catcher, Daniel also tries to catch Jack the coiner, who is believed to be the maker of the bombs. The thief catcher is actually Jack in disguise. He escapes Newton but gives to Daniel one of the original coin samples he had taken from the Pyx, which; through complex political mechanisms, destitutes the Tory government, in favour to a catholic king, and replaces it with Whigs who are in favor of the Hanover family. Soon after, Peter the Great arrives incognito in London to receive the ships built for him. He is accompanied by Solomon Kohan, a Jew who forces Daniel to promis to use only Solomonic gold to make the punch cards, and to deliver the whole amount of that gold to the czar. As a gift, he gives Daniel a ring made from some of the punched out bits. The gold is taken out of Minerva's bilge and hidden in the Bank of England.

The System of the World

Jack is finally arrested, and a connection is found between the Tories, the bombs (the target was Newton) and the plan to debase the gold guinea and discredit the Whigs and preven Georg of Hanover to become the next king. Daniel, Eliza and Caroline force Leibniz and Newton to meet and discuss about their philosophical disagreements, but have no success in resolving their differences. Jack, in prison, promises Daniel to return the gold stolen from the Pyx in exchange for the freedom of his two sons (who were his accomplices), whom Daniel manages to help escape from prison. But at the same time Jack tells Newton that Daniel has all the gold, and Daniel has to liquidate his whole Logic Mill operation and ship the gold out in a rush. Newton discovers Daniel's implication in the escape of Jack's sons and has a stroke. Additionally, he suffers from gaol fever and is on the brink of death. He tells Daniel that he has found Enoch's formula from Hooke's descriptions. After the coronation of George II, the trial of the Pyx takes place, the same day as Jack's execution. During the trial of the Pyx, the samples (shards from the coins) being tested are replaced with shards made by Daniel from his ring. Isaac is present, hidden in a sedan chair, but he is actually recently dead. While the trial takes place, Daniel feeds Isaac Enoch's potion, and he wakes up just in time for the end of the trial, which had shown that Isaac's coins are pure gold. At the same time, Jack survives (barely) his hanging and is taken away by the Mobb. During the religious ceremony that preceded, he understand that Enoch the Red is none other than Enoch, son of Cain.

In the epilogues, Jack lives at Versailles with Eliza (who wouldn't set eyes on him until he has died). Jack's sons are in Carolina. Daniel sees Newcomen's engine working, and doesn't expect his logic mill to be built before another century; probably only needs of war will resurrect such a project. Daniel then decides to return home to Massachusets.

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