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Sunday, August 28th, 2011


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Due to overpopulation, Humanity has moved to another star system made of a dozen planets. Some of those have a common government, the Alliance, but the others are more like the Far West. River is a psychic who has been conditioned by the Alliance, but is rescued by her brother. They are chased by an unnamed Alliance agent, and find refuge on the Firefly by becoming passengers of the ship. Reynolds, the ship's captain who had fought during the failed rebellion agains the Alliance, has to resort to raiding banks for survival. At a bar, River receives a subliminal message and starts fighting everyone until her brother shouts a secret keyphrase that makes her sleep. Reviewing recordings of the incident with the help of a hacker, Mr. Universe, they notice that River said “Miranda” before starting to fight. Reynolds wants to get rid of the unpredictable River and her brother, but he is then contacted by the Alliance agent who makes clear he wants to kill River. Malcolm refuses to surrender her. The agent then kills all the people who have helped Malcolm in the past. River then tells Reynolds where to find Miranda, an planet marked as unhabitable. To go there, they have to cross a region of space controlled by the Reavers, mad humans who raid ships and eat people alive. They disguise the Firefly as an ship that has already been a victim of the Reavers, and manage to reach Miranda. Upon landing there, the crew of the Firefly discovers that the planet is perfectly habitable, but all its inhabitants are dead, bearing no sign of fight or pain. They later find a recording explaining that the Alliance has tried a drug that would make people more peaceful, but it just made people completely inactive, and they eventually died. One small fraction reacted in the opposite way and became the Reavers. Reynolds then decides to broadcast the message through Mr. Universe's equipment, but the agent knows what he intends to do and is waiting for him with a whole fleet. Reynolds attracts the Reavers's ships that are around Miranda and unleashes them on the Alliance's fleet. The Firefly then lands on Mr. Universe's planet. The crew barricades itself to hold the attacking Reavers back, Mr. Universe has already been killed by the agent, but after a fight with the latter, Reynolds manages to broadcast the message and let the truth about the scheme of the Alliance be revealed.

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