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Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Tréma manuel en LaTeX

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La fonte Stork Bill ne possède pas de caractère accentué du tout. Pour fignoler le livret de règles du Decktet, il me fallait un “ä” et un “ö” pour écrire “Quäsenbö” (le titre d'un jeu). J'ai donc bricolé un tréma à la main à partir de deux points:

\@tempdima -.5\wd\@tempboxa
\@tempdimb 1.1\ht\@tempboxa
\advance\@tempdima -.5\wd\@tempboxa

La commande s'utilise de cette manière:


Le résultat est potable pour la fonte en question, qui en tant que fonte décorative n'a pas besoin d'être parfaitement régulière, mais ne donne rien de bon avec par exemple lmodern (qui n'en a pas besoin de toutes façons puisque cette dernière contient déjà les caractères accentués idoines).

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The Five Venoms

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The dying master of the powerful Poison Clan asks his last pupil Yang De to find his five predecessors who have been taught five different styles of kungfu: the Centipede, the Snake, the Scorpion, the Lizard and the Toad. Their names and whereabouts are unknown (they don't even all know each other), but the master worries that some of them might have used their skills to do evil, and that they are especially after the treasures hold by yet another, much older student. The Centipede is seen by a witness at the house of the oldest pupil, who has been found dead with his whole household the next morning. Officers He and Ma investigate and find clues that they were killed by the Centipede and the Snake, and that the yet unknown Scorpion has got the map to the treasure. The Toad then helps the helpless policemen to arrest the Centipede. But the judge in charge of the affair, a friend of the Snake, sends He on a bogus errand and corrupts the witness into telling that he saw the Toad and not the Centipede that night. The Toad is then “suicided” in his cell by a corrupt policeman, who is himself later killed by the Centipede, as is the witness. When He comes back, he meets Yang De and together they decide to take down the Centipede and the Snake. Officer Ma tags along, and reveals himself to be the Scorpion. The three evildoers are eventually killed by the two remaining heroes.

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