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Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Timelapse Controler

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The timelapse photography controller I helped a friend build is finally complete. He built the hardware, I wrote the software. The latter is uselessly complicated, but I wanted to have fun with C++ and multiple inheritance, so here it is. The device is controlled by a rotary encoder with an integrated push button and a 2x16 character LCD display. It also has a plug to connect it to the camera (via a 2-channel optocoupler) and is powered with 4 AA batteries.

The UI is composed of 4 screens:

  • a status screen, showing how many pictures have been taken so far, as well as the voltage of the batteries
  • a start/stop screen
  • a screen for setting the number of pictures
  • a screen for setting the time interval between the pictures.

Turning the knob moves from one screen to the other, while pressing its button activates the current screen (e.g., starting or stopping, or allowing to change the value of e.g., the time interval).

The last two screens are disabled when the timer is started, and re-enabled when it is stopped. Also, the screen is turned off after a 10s timeout, and switched back on when the button is pressed or the knob is rotated. This allows to reduce the power consumption from abuot 24 mA to 8 mA. This way, a set of 2000 mAh rechargeable batteries should last over 200 hours.

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L'affaire Trinski

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ISBN: 9782302013568

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Huitième volume des Arcanes du Midi-Minuit publié en 2011. Trinski, commandeur des armées d'une province proche d'York a pris le pouvoir et terrorise la population. Les agents du roi sont envoyés découvrir ce qu'il est advenu de l'ancien gouverneur. À l'annonce de la mort du leader de l'opposition, le Commandeur lui-même se rend sur place et fini par arrêter le « découpeur », un tueur qui terrorise tout le monde. Ce dernier se révèle être le véritable Trinski, alors qu'il employait un sosie pour toutes ls apparitions publiques qui comportaient des risques.

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