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Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Office Space

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Peter works as an unhappy software developer, in a company plagued by bureaucracy and uncaring managers. One day, his girlfriend takes him to a session with a hypnotherapist. The latter has a heart attack in the middle of the session, leaving Peter in an out-of-character state. Peter then decides not to care about work anymore, and becomes much happier at work. He even gets promoted, while two of his friends are kicked out. Together, they decide to plant a virus into the company's accounting system that would re-route the fractions of cents normally rounded down to their bank account. But because of a mistake in the virus, much more money than what they expected gets transferred. No knowing what to do and facing jail time, Peter decides to return the money to the company and to take all the blame. But another disgruntled worker (he had been laid off five years earlier, but because of a glitch in payroll software, continued to be paid; the management decided to repair the glitch, but didn't tell the guy, and moved him to an “office” in the basement) finds the checks Peter slipped under his manager's door and takes the money before setting fire to the company. All traces of the fraud has disappeared in the fire, and Peter is much happier in his new job as a construction worker.

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