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Friday, August 17th, 2012

Batman Returns

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The Penguin's gang is plaguing Gotham City just before Christmas. Max Shreck, a ruthless businessman is kidnapped by the Penguin, but manages to convince him that he can make him loved by the people of the city and that he can run for Mayor. Shreck needs a puppet in office, so that he can built a “power plant” that essentially steals power. To ruin the current Mayor's reputation, the Penguins' gang raids the city, and prevents Batman from restoring order. In the meantime, Shreck's secretary Selina, who discovered her boss's plans and was left for dead by him, turns into Catwoman and seeks revenge by destroying some of Shreck's property. She is stopped by Batman, but manages to escape and joins forces with the Penguin against Batman; Selina however falls in love with Bruce Wayne. When the Penguin tries to get rid of her however, she turns against him. Batman manages to foil Shreck's and the Penguin's plan, and the latter returns to his underground lair where is launches his army of penguins, armed with missiles, to wreck havoc in the city. Batman arrives in the nick of time and kills the Penguin. He then tries to convince Catwoman not to kill Shreck, but when the latter shoots her she kills him, apparently killing herself in the process (cats however have nine lives and she has used up only eight of them).

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