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Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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Young Bilbo aspires to a quiet life, but he is pulled into an adventurous journey by Gandalf, along with twelve dwarves who want to retake their lost city of Erebor, now under the control of the dragon Smaug. On the way, they are captured by trolls, and saved by Bilbo's ingenuity. They then arrive to Rivendell, where Elrond helps them uncover the secret message in their map, telling them how to enter Erebor through the backdoor. In the moutnains, they fall into the trap of goblins and are made prisoner, except Bilbo who manages to escape. While Gandalf and dwarves fight the goblins in their underground city, Bilbo meets Gollum, finds/steals his precious ring, and escapes the wretched creature at the same time his companions escape the goblins. They are then chased by orcs, the leader of which is a personal ennemy of the prince of the dwarves, and saved in the nick of time by the great eagles of the elves, who take them closer to their destination.

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