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Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

The Woman in Green

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Women are found dead, their forefinger removed. Sir George Fenwick's daughter asks Sherlock Holmes for help when she finds out her father has burried a box containing a finger. Sir George, after an evening with his girlfriend had awaken in an unknown place with the finger in his pocket, and is being blackmailed for having presumably killed a woman. Sir George is killed before Holmes has a chance to talk to him, but leaves a clue about a restaurant where Holmes had spotted him earlier in the company of a woman. Moriarty (whom Holmes believe is behind the murders) then visits Holmes and threatens to kill Watson unless he gives up on the case. Holmes conjectures that Moriarty is using hypnosis to make his victims believe they have commited a murder. Soon after, a hypnotised sniper attempts to kill Holmes from the empty house across the street. Holmes then investigates London's club of hypnotists where he meets and befriends Sir George's girlfriend. Back in her appartment, she and Moriarty attempt to hypnotize Holmes and force him to commit suicide, but he is saved in the nick of time by Watson and the police. Moriarty falls from the building's balcony in an attempt to escape.

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