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Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959)

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Holmes is asked by Dr. Mortimer to keep his patient, Sir Henry Baskerville, safe from what caused the mysterious and horrific death of Sir Henry's uncle, Sir Charles, presumably killed by the legendary ghost hound, the Baskerville family's curse. Since Holmes cannot leave London, Watson accompanies Sir Henry to Devon. They are warned that a prisoner had escaped from the nearby Dartmoor Prison and is hiding on the moor. The prisoner, wearing Sir Henry's old clothes given to him by his sister, Sir Henry's servant, is found dead with marks of laceration on his body. Sir Henry also meets his neighbour, a struggling farmer named Stapleton, and his daughter Cecille, who falls in love with Sir Henry. Watson also notices another stranger on the moor, which happens to be Holmes. Sir Henry, led by Cecille to the place where Sir Charles had been killed, is attacked by the hound and by Stapleton, saved by Watson and Holmes. The legendary hound has been revived by Stapleton, using a masked, famished great dane trained to recognize Sir Henry's scent. Stapleton is an illegitimate descendant of the Baskerville family, and would inherit the Baskerville fortune at the death of Sir Henry.

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