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Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

The World's End

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Twenty years after failing to complete the Golden Mile, a 12-pub crawl in Newton Haven as teenagers, Gary King, an alcoholic, gathers the four friends from his youth to attempt the pub crawl again. In the fourth pub, Gary fights against a teenager in the toilet and discovers the kid is a robot; so are the kid's friend, and apparently a large proportion of the town's population. The inhabitants who are still human try and convince Gary and his friends to join themr. Their refusal to comply causes the robots to chase the heroes, losing two members of their group during in the process; they reappear as robots. Despite the situation, Gary is still keen on drinking one pint in each pub, and he and Andy eventually take cover in the last pub of the Golden Mile, the World's End. The place is the headquarter of an extra-terrestrial entity known as the Network (responsible for the advances in telecommunications in the past twenty years), who explains that key locations in the world have been invaded and a small proportion of the population replaced with robots to invisibly take humanity on the path to world peace and to take its place in a galactic federation (with little success currently, humans being quite set against imposed happiness) and the possiblity to access eternal youth, as robots. Gary refuses, causing the Network to leave the Earth and to cause global destruction of the planet. In the end, some humans who have survived are quite happy living a simple life with the robots, while others despise them.

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