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Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

A Voice for Princess

Categories: [ Books/Kedrigern ]

ISBN: 9781892065766

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Kedrigern is a misanthropic wizard who specializes in counterspells. A widow troll mother gives him her newborn baby before dying near her husband, and Kedrigern trains him as a house servant. Some time later, on the way back from a house call, he meets a talking toad whom he transforms back into a beautiful young amnesic woman whom he names Princess. Alas, she cannot talk and croaks instead; this doesn't prevent them from getting married. Kedrigern tries multiple methods to give her back the ability to talk, with no success. One day he meets a minstrel who knows the spell to cure Princess. Princess starts studying magic, but also wants to have a social life. She convinces Kedrigern to visit the prince of Grodz who is asking for help because of a plage of magical rats. Although wary of the prince's reputation as a cruel man, they take the journey. Upon arrival Kedrigern is drugged and fed to the magic rats. The latter, human workers transformed by a sorcerer, however recognize him and spare him. Kedrigern returns them to their normal shape and runs to save Princess. She had however already succeeded in transforming the prince in a toad, freeing the country from the tyrant.

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