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Friday, November 13th, 2015


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Following the posthumous suggestion of former M, and without knowledge of his hierarchy, Bond assassinates Marco Sciarra in Mexico City and goes to his funeral in Rome. There he learns that Sciarra was a member of SPECTRE, a global criminal organisation. Meanwhile, MI6 is to be merged with MI5 and M replaced by a single chief who has a blind faith in total surveillance. In Rome, Bond identifies the head of SPECTRE as Franz Oberhauser, presumed dead. He then gets a lead to Mr White in Austria, a former SPECTRE operative who tells Bond that his daughter will lead him to l'Américain. After saving the daughter, Madeline Swann, from SPECTRE assassins they go to L'Américain, a hotel in Tangiers, where Bond finds a secret room with White's notes on locating Oberhauser. The villain's base is in the middle of the Moroccan desert; after receiving Bond's visit and explaining that MI5's new surveillance network (linked to 8 other countries' own networks) will actually serve SPECTRE's purposes, Oberhauser (who was also revealed to be the murderous son of Bond's adoptive father and now goes by the name Blofeld) is left for dead. Back in London, M and Q work on preventing the surveillance network from going online while Bond saves Swann from being killed by Blofeld in the premature demolition of the former MI6 building. Bond then arrests Blofeld who was trying to escape.

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