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Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

Ethan of Athos

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Ethan of Athos has been published in 1986 by Lois McMaster Bujold.

Athos is a planet inhabited exclusively by human males, where children are bred in uterine replicators from ovarian cultures brought by the founders of the society. Since the ovarian cultures are reaching the end of their life, new cultures have been bought from Jackson's Whole. But when the shipment arrives full of dead meat, Ethan is sent to Kline Station to buy new cultures from more reliable sources. He meets Elli Quinn, and is soon after kidnapped and interrogated by a Cetagandan spy who assumes he knows where the cultures are and that he's in league with some Terrence Cee. Elli saves Ethan from the Cetagandan, because she's also somehow involed. Ethan is eventually contacted by Terrence, who explains that he is the result of a genetic experiment conducted by the Cetagandans on telepathy. After his telepath girlfriend (and the only other individual of their species) was killed, he went to Jackson's Whole with all the lab's ovarian culture to get her reconstructed from a cellular sample. Since this was not possible, Terrence got the cultures sent to Athos, where his species would be able to live quietly; the laboratory was soon after destroyed by Cetagandan agents. Elli and Ethan don't understand who replace he shipment with worhthless material. On Kline Station, Elli, Ethan and Terrence are trying to debunk the Cetagandans; they eventually succeed by accusing them to carry a deadly virus and get them caught by the Biocontrol services. Mentioning Athos during the arrest, they understand that one of the Biocontrol agents who hates Athos replaced the shipment during its transit on Kline staion. The Cetagandans are eventually killed by agents from Jackson's Whole. The original ovarian cultures are found again and taken to Athos along with newly purchased ones. Terrence emigrates to Athos as well.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Finn has deserted the Stormtroopers and arrives on Jakku, where he meets Rey, a scavenger waiting for her parents to return, and the droid BB-8, both chased by the First Order who wants to recovert the map, hidden in BB-8, indicatig the location of Skywalker. They escape the planet aboard the now abandonned Millenium Falcon and are caught by Han Solo, who barely escapes his creditors aboard the Falcon. Attempting to join the Resistance, they seek Maz Kanata's help. There, Rey finds in a basement Skywalker's lightsaber and discovers the Force is in her. At the same time, the First Order use their new weapon to destroy the Republic's capital. Han, Rey and Finn are attacked by the First Order and saved by the Resistance, but Rey is taken by Kylo Ren to the Order's base. Solo and Finn go to her rescue, and Solo is killed by Kylo Ren (his and Leia's son, turned to the dark side). Finn and Rey manage to sabotage the weapon; Rey then fights Kylo Ren on the surface of the planet, but are eventually separated. In the end, Rey finds Skywalker thanks to the map and returns his lightsaber.

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Le papyrus de César

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ISBN: 9782864972716

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César publie sa Guerre des Gaules. Promoplus lui conseille de supprimer le chapitre concernant sa défaite face au village des irréductibles Gaulois. Le chapitre est cependant volé et se retrouve entre les mains des Gaulois. Poursuivis par Promoplus et les romains, Astérix, Obélix et Panoramix se rendent dans la forêt des Carnutes pour faire mémoriser ledit chapitre par le druide qui sert de mémoire à la tradition orale des Gaulois. Le papyrus est finalement rendu à César qui vient arrêter Promoplus.

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