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Saturday, January 18th, 2020

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

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On the Sith planet Exegol, Palpatine has been maintained alive and reveals to Kylo Ren his secret armada of Star Destroyers. He orders Kylo to go and kill Rey. In the meanwhile, the rebels learn about Palpatine's presence on Exegol. Rey, Poe, Finn and their friends leave for Pasaana where Luke's search for Exegol had ended. They meet Lando Calrissian who tells them they need a Sith wayfinder to find Exegol. They then discover, in the remains of a Jedi hunter ship, a Sith dagger on which C-3PO reads the location of the wayfinder. Kylo's men however take the dagger. Since C-3PO's programming forbids him to translate Sith languages, they go to Kijimi to get a hacker read the droid's memory and learn that the wayfinder is on the wreck of the Deathstar on Endor's moon Kef Bir. Rey and her friends infiltrate Kylo's Star Destroyer and recover the dagger; she also confronts Kylo who reveals that she's Palpatine's granddaughter. On Kef Bir, she fails to obtain the wayfinder, confronts Kylo again and eventually turns him away from the Dark Side (with the influence of Leia' dying spirit and a memory of his father, Solo, Kylo becomes Ben Solo again). She leaves the moon with Kylo's ship (which also contains a wayfinder) and exiles herself to Ahch-To after having had a vision of herself on Palpatine's throne. The spirit of Luke convinces her to confront Palpatine, and she leaves for Exegol with Luke's X-Wing. Rey then sends the Resistance a message with the coordinates of Exegol and she confronts Palpatine.

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Thursday, January 4th, 2018

Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi

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The Resistance evacuates their base when attacked by the First Order. Poe leads a reckless attack against a dreadnought, loosing all bombers and many fighters. Despite jumping to hyperspace, the First Order fleet manages to follow them, and, low on fuel, they have no hope to escape them as long as their tracking device is operational. Despite his orders Poe, Finn and Rose plans to infiltrate Snoke's star dreadnought, but they first need a hacker able to break the various locks on the way to the tracking device's circuit breakers. Finn and Rose find a hacker on Canto Bight and make a narrow escape to the star dreadnought, where they are caught before being able to disable the tracking device. In the meanwhile, Rey meets Luke on Ahch-To, but he refuses to teach her about the ways of the Jedi. Luke is afraid of losing Rey just like he lost Ben Solo to the dark side, who became then Kylo Ren, killing all the other Jedis in training. Luke eventually changes his mind and teaches Rey. During that period, Rey and Kylo are telepathically put in contact, and Rey is convinced that Kylo can be redeemed. She then leaves without Luke and confronts Kylo, who takes her prisoner on the dreadnought and present her to Snoke. While Snoke gloats, Kylo kills Snoke and asks Rey to join him on the dark side. The last rebels escape their last cruiser on small transports that cannot be tracked, while the cruiser rams the dreadnought. In the ensuing chaos, Finn and Rose on one side and Rey and the other escape and join the remaing rebels on an abandonned base on Crait. Their calls for help remain unaswered. Kylo Ren's troops attack the base, but they are distracted by the sudden apparition of Luke (actually a angible projection, Luke having never left Ahch-To), who eventualy dies of exhaustion. The last rebels escape from the base and board the Falcon with Rey.

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Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Finn has deserted the Stormtroopers and arrives on Jakku, where he meets Rey, a scavenger waiting for her parents to return, and the droid BB-8, both chased by the First Order who wants to recovert the map, hidden in BB-8, indicatig the location of Skywalker. They escape the planet aboard the now abandonned Millenium Falcon and are caught by Han Solo, who barely escapes his creditors aboard the Falcon. Attempting to join the Resistance, they seek Maz Kanata's help. There, Rey finds in a basement Skywalker's lightsaber and discovers the Force is in her. At the same time, the First Order use their new weapon to destroy the Republic's capital. Han, Rey and Finn are attacked by the First Order and saved by the Resistance, but Rey is taken by Kylo Ren to the Order's base. Solo and Finn go to her rescue, and Solo is killed by Kylo Ren (his and Leia's son, turned to the dark side). Finn and Rey manage to sabotage the weapon; Rey then fights Kylo Ren on the surface of the planet, but are eventually separated. In the end, Rey finds Skywalker thanks to the map and returns his lightsaber.

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