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Sunday, June 4th, 2017

The Incredible Hulk

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Bruce Banner hides in Brazil and communicates secretly with an American biologist to find a cure to his condition, while training to keep his pulse rate down to avoid transforming into the Hulk. The US army locates him by chance and sends a commando to capture him. Banner escapes and travels back to Virginia, to recover data on the university's computers. The data is gone, but Banner reunites with Betty, who had kept the data out of reach of the military. Banner is attacked again by commandos, this time led by Blonsky, a soldier whose abilities have been enhanced thanks to an abandoned project of super-soldier. He is defeated by the Hulk, and Banner and Betty escape to New York where the biologists lives. They attempt to cure Banner, but the attempt fails. Banner and Betty are captured by the commandoes, and Blonsky forces the biologist to inject him some of Banner's synthesized blood, turning him into a large and mad monster. Banner convinces the military that only him can stop Blonsky, currently rampaging through Harlem. After defeating the monster, Banner flees again. Later, while learning to control his power, he is approached by Tony Stark who informs him that he is putting a team together.

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