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Monday, August 27th, 2018

Absolutely Anything

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Neil is a British elementary school teacher and is in love with his neighbour Catherine. One day he is given absolute power by the “galactic council”, a quatuor of aliens who test whether other species are fit to join the council. Those who are not fit are destroyed; until now, no species has joined the council. The tests consists is testing a random human for ten days and see if he is able to use the power for doing good. Neil quickly understands that he got the power, and that they don't always produce the intended effect (his friend Ray asked him to make miss Pringle worship him, and she actually started a religion about Ray). Neil also gives his dog Dennis the ability to talk and think rationally. The source of the power malfunctions just as he believes he makes Catherine fall in love with him. In reality Catherine already had feelings for Neil, but she is put off when she believes Dennis (whom she has heard but not seen) is Neil's boyfriend. In the meanwhile, Catherine's ex-boyfriend, a US Army colonel, is in town hoping to reconquer her heart. When he discovers Neil's abilities, he kidnaps him and force him to do his bidding. He is saved by Ray and Catherine but Catherine refuses to see him again when she learns he used the power to make her fall in live with him. After failing to commit suicide, Neil gives his power to Dennis, who uses it to destroy its source just as the aliens are about to destroy the Earth. The story starts from the beginning again but having retained some memories, Neil finally dares asking Catherine to dinner, which she agrees to.

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