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Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

Alice Through the Looking Glass

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Alice has become a sea captain, but upon her return she discovers that her family has no money anymore and that she is forced to sell her ship. In the house of the buyer, she follows a butterfly and enters Wonderland through a mirror. There she learns that the Hatter is dying of sadness as he is missing his family, who had been killed by the Jabberwocky years ago, but is convinced that they are still alive. Alice is told that by using Time's Chronosphere, she could change history, at the risk of destroying history if past and present characters meet each other. By hopping repeatedly further back in time, she learns that the Hatter's family was killed by the Red Queen out of revenge because the Hatter laughed at her overly large head during the White Queen's crowning ceremony. She then discovers that the Red Queen's hatred for her sister dates from their childhood, when the former had been unduly punished because the latter lied about eating biscuits, but is unable to prevent the accident that ensues and cause the swelling of the head. Alice briefly returns to the real world, waking up in a mental hospital, before returning to Wonderland with the help of her mother. She then travels to the time of the Jabberwocky's attack and discovers that the Hatter's family has actually been made prisoner by the Red Queen and reduced to the size of ants and put in ant ant farm. The Red Queen the steals the Chronosphere to try herself to prevent her accident but sees her young self causing History to bit by bit rust and freeze people. Alice manages to return Time's Chronosphere in the nick of time, reverting History to normal. The two Queens make amends and Alice returns to the real world. Alice's mother refuses to sell the ship, and they both embark to travel the world.

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Nouvelle table

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