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Sunday, December 22nd, 2019

Time Bandits

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One night, Kevin is woken up in his room by a knight in armor coming out of his cupboard, who soon disappears without a trace. The next night, ready with a Polaroid camera, a band of dwarves appear and take him with them to the time of Napoléon's Italian campaign. They manage to loot Napoléon's treasure and use a map they have stolen from the Supreme Being to escape to the time of Robin Hood (who takes all their loot to give to the poor). Meanwhile, the Evil One is influencing the dwarves in order to attract them to his castle and steal the map. Escaping from Robin Hood's time, Kevin is sent to Mycenaean Greece where he meets Agamemnon, who takes him as an adoptive son. The dwarves reappear as a group of entertainers, steal some treasure and take the boy with them aboard the Titanic. After the ship has sunk, Evil transports the group to his Time of Legends, where they are rescued by the ship of an ogre. They escape the giant who carries the ship as his hat, and finally arrive at the Fortress of Ultimate Darkness, where Evil takes the map and locks them up in a cage hanging above a bottomless pit. The group manages to escape by swinging from the cage to the edge of the pit, finds Evil's headquarters, steal the map and split. The dwarves go away using the map while Kevin attempts to distract Evil, until the band comes back from various time periods with weapons and warriors. They prove unsuccessful and all seems lost when Evil suddenly bursts into flames. The Supreme Being appears and explains he had influenced the dwarves into stealing the map so that they would test the abilities of Evil (yet another creation of the Supreme Being). The dwarves collect the ashes of Evil, and then leave with the Supreme Being, leaving Kevin alone. Kevin then wakes up in his bed, the house on fire, and is taken out by a fireman. His parents then discover one smouldering remain of Evil, touch it and disappear. The whole world then gets rolled up into the map.

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Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout

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Nice stout, quite sweet. Contains barley and oatmeal.

Samuel Smith, Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, England. 5% alcohol

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