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Sunday, March 1st, 2020


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The Red Cedar

Monsieur Hulot est le dessinateur d'un petit camping car à base de Renault 4L que l'entreprise Altra veut présenter à un salon de l'auto à Amsterdam. Il accompagne le camping car, transporté dans un vieux camion. Parti avec un peu de retard, le camion souffre de tous les problèmes possibles (pneu à plat, panne d'essence, problème de moteur). Maria, chargée des relations publiques, tente de faire arriver le véhicule à temps pour le salon, mais son empressement à passer la frontière entre la Belgique et les Pays-Bas fait arrêter le camion par les douanes, où les fonctionnalités surréalistes du camping car sont présentées aux douaniers. Peu après avoir été libérés par la police , un accident de la route provoqué par Maria force le camion à s'arrêter chez un garagiste des Pays-Bas pour réparer une bosse à l'avant du camping car. Le camion arrive finalement à Amsterdam après la fin du salon de l'auto, et Monsieur Hulot rentre seul, tandis que le camping car intéresse les passants à l'extérieur du hall de l'exposition.

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Kingsman: The Secret Service

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Young Eggsy's father died in a secret mission to protect the life of his superior, Harry Hart. As compensation, Hart gives Eggsy's family a phone number to call in case of an emergency. Years later, Eggsy has turned into a petty criminal and is arrested for car theft. He calls the number, is released, and recruited by Hart aka Galahad to join Kingsman, an international agency that protects the world. Eggsy manages to complete his training, which includes caring for a puppy, but refuses to shoot the puppy when ordered to do so, and is therefore not selected to become the new agent. During the training period, Galahad investigates the kidnapping and sudden reappearance of a scientist who dies in the explosion of his head when questioned by Galahad. The signal that triggered of the explosion is traced back to billionaire Valentine, who just gave the whole world SIM cards with free communications. Valentine is linked to a Kentucky hate group's church, where Galahad witnesses (and becomes part) of an unexplained outbreak of violence from of which only Galahad survives, only to be killed by Valentine outside of the church after being explained Valentine's plot to solve over-population by control, via the SIM cards, most humans to kill each other; only the chosen will survive. Eggsy then discovers that the head of Kingsman is one of the chosen one, and tricks him into poisoning himself instead of Eggsy. With the help of the Kingsman's residential nerd Merlin, Eggsy infiltrates Valentine's secrete base in the mountain and eventually kills the villain, thus saving the world. Eggsy then becomes the new agent Galahad.

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