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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

Monsters University

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In the parallel universe of monsters, Mike is not scary but still dreams of becoming a scarer (those who make the children scared to harvest their scare energy). As he grows up, Mike joins Monster University and enters the scare program. He also meets Sulley, an obviously scaring monster, son of a famous scarer, who unlike Mike does not take his studies seriously, but instead relies on his inherited talent. Despite having studied hard and because of his rivalry with Sulley leading to the destruction of the dean's trophy for extreme scariness, they both fail their end-of-term exam and are expelled from the scare program. Mike then enters the Scare Games, betting with the dean that if he win the games he can continue studying to become a scarer (and would leave the university otherwise). As he needs a team, he is adopted by OK, the least popular fraternity on campus, and convinces Sulley to join them. Mike coaches the team and they are more or less ready to enter the competition. They manage to not get eliminated until the last round of the games where they compete against the team from the popular ROR fraternity. Mike's team wins the scare simulator tests thanks to Mike's exceptional score, but he soon discovers that Sulley had tampered with the simulator to make sure they would win, putting doubt on his ability to scare a child. To prove himself, he enters the world of humans through an experimental door developed at the university, and fails to scare a sleeping child. He soon discovers that he is in the dormitories of a summer camp; in the meanwhile, Sulley follows Mike to take him back, and is mistaken for a bear by the humans. At the same time, the door is powered down by university's authorities, preventing the two monsters from coming back. But Mike reasons that with enough human scare energy, it would be possible to power the door. He orchestrate a scary situation for Sulley scare the humans as much as possible, generating more power than has ever been generated. Despite their feat, Mike and Sulley are expelled from the university, but enter Monster Inc. as mailmen, and quickly go up the ladder and eventually both of them become scarers.

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