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Wednesday, August 11th, 2021

Your Name.

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In the fall of 2013, Mitsuha is a high school girl living in the small town of Itomori who wishes to live as a boy in Tokyo. She inexplicably begins to switch bodies with Taki, a high school boy who lives in Tokyo, causing all sorts of embarrassing situations. They first believe this to be dreams, but they start communicating by leaving each other written messages on paper or phones. One day, Mitsuha accompanies her grandmother for a ritual at an old shrine in the mountains outside of town, and later tells Taki about the comet about to pass nearest Earth the same evening. The next morning, Taki attempts to call Mitshua for the first time, but the number is not allocated. Having slowly fallen in love with her, decides to go looking for his friend. He does not know Mitsuha lives, but in a photography exhibition he recognizes the characteristic landscape and learns the name of the surrounding region, Hida. He then travels there, relying on sketches of the Itomori landscapes he has drawn from memory to identify the place. He eventually meets a restaurant owner who identifies the place and takes him there. Taki then discovers that Itomori has been destroyed when a piece of the comet fell on it, three years earlier; research at the library shows that Mitsuha and her whole family had been killed. Upon this discovery, messages from Mitsuha on his phone start to disappear and he starts to wonder if this was all a dream after all. Taki then travels to the shrine (which was far enough from the disaster area), where he has a vision of Mitsuha. He remembers having met her randomly on the train in Tokyo three years earlier, where this stranger had given him a braided ribbon that he has worn on his wrist since then. Taki then wakes up in Mitsuhas's body on the morning of the catastrophe. Her grandmother reveals that the ability to switch bodies has been passed along the generations. Taki then convinces Mitsuha's friend of the imminent disaster and they plan to cause an incident at the local power plant so that people would take refuge in the planned shelter, the school, that is just outside of the impacted area. Taki then realizes that Mitsuha must be in his body at the shrine, he runs there; at sunset they return to their own bodies and manage to see each other for a short while before reverting to their respective timelines. As the original plan had failed, Mitsuha tries to convince her father, mayor of the city, to evacuate the people. Her memories of Taki start to fade, and so do Taki's memories of her. The comet's fragment crashes, Itomori is destroyed, and Taki, in his own timeframe, remembers nothing anymore. Five years later, after having graduated from university, Taki searches for a job, but senses that he has lost something, but is still interested in the events surrounding the comet. Eight years earlier, the town had been evacuated, and all the inhabitants have been relocated; Mitsuha has moved to Tokyo. She and Taki suddenly glimpse each other when their respective trains pass each other, feel drawn to each other and each races to find the other one. They finally meet and ask each other for their names.

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