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Sunday, January 30th, 2022

The Haunted House

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The manager of a bank plans a robbery, but their attempt is thwarted by the clumsy teller. The latter is then believed to be the robber and is chased by the police to the haunted house used by the robbers as their hideout. The house is full of tricks that makes it appear to be haunted, but as a troupe of terrible actors dressed to play Faust also seek refuge in the house, the robbers start to believe that is is really haunted. The teller however succeeds in capturing the gang.

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The High Sign

Categories: [ TV/Cinema/Buster Keaton ]



Keaton plays a drifter who cons his way into working at an amusement park shooting gallery. Believing Keaton is an expert marksman, both the murderous gang the Blinking Buzzards and the man they want to kill end up hiring him. The film ends with a wild chase through a house filled with secret passages and trap doors. (From Wikipedia).

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Grillen Liberté

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« Brassée à partir de matières premières locales… Malt Pilsner bio, Houblon Aramis bio »

C'est exactement le genre de bière avec ce goût que ne j'aime pas et qui semble typique de l'Alsace.

Brasserie du Grillen, Colmar, Alsace. 5,0% d'alcool.

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