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Sunday, May 29th, 2022

Magic Rock Murk-Life Balance

Categories: [ Beer/Magic Rock ]


Just another ale. Contains barley, oats and wheat.

Magic Rock, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England. 5.0% alcohol.

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The Blues Brothers

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Jake Blues is released from prison after serving three years and picked up by his brother Elwood, who forces him to visit the orphanage where they spent their childhood. They are scolded for bad behaviour by the director, Sister Mary, who also tells them that unless she pays $5,000 of due property taxes, the orphanage will be closed. They ten visit the local church where Jake has an epiphany and decides to re-form their band, the Blues Brothers, and raise money for the orphanage. They start tracking down the members of the band, while being chased by the police, by a gang of neo-Nazis and by a mysterious woman who attempts to kill them several times with ludicrous weapons. They finally manage to get a gig in a honky-tonk, pretending to be the band that was booked by the owner. As they finish and leave a tab higher than what they have earned, the legitimate band, the Good Ol' Boys, arrives and quickly becomes yet another party chasing the Blues Brothers. As the deadline for the payment nears, they persuade their old agent to book a large venue for a concert, and with the help of their friends, they advertise it, attracting a large crowd. The advertising (done partly by driving around Chicago with a large loudspeaker atop Elwood's car) attracts the police, the Nazis and the Good Ol' Boys. Having run out of gas, they arrive late and have to sneak in, but manage to perform two songs before a producer gives them a $10,000 cash advance on a recording contract. They make an escape via a service tunnel, escape the mysterious woman (Jake's ex-fiancée) and drive to downtown Chicago to the tax office, chased by the police, the neo-Nazis and the Good Ol' Boys. They escape them with a series of improbable maneuvers, and rush into the building, chased by countless policemen, soldiers, firefighters. They manage to find the correct office and pay the tax bill just before being arrested. They end up in prison, where they play for the inmates.

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