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Sunday, October 16th, 2022

The Angry Birds Movie 2

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Red is busy fighting back the attacks of the pigs, until the day where they are both attacked by an unknown enemy throwing balls of ice. The pigs propose a truce, and Red immediately feels useless and afraid he will stop getting attention from the other birds. A delegation of pigs then debarks on Bird Island and after some convincing, a joint team is formed and leaves for Piggy Island where they get equipped and learn that their common enemy is Zeta, leader of Eagle Island and Mighty Eagle's former lover. The team then travels to Eagle Island and splits in two, one manning the eagle costume made by the pigs, the other, Red and Silver, climbing the mountain and entering by the mouth of the super weapon, before being captured and told by Zeta that she plans to fire ice balls filled with lava at both islands so that shew can leave the frozen hellhole that is Eagle Island. When Red finally agrees to let Silver lead the team, she comes up with a plan. Mighty Eagle, who had previously fled the team because he was afraid to face Zeta, comes back and is introduced to his daughter, distracting the other eagles while Silver's plan is put into action. Zeta's base is destroyed and Mighty Eagle redeems himself in the eyes of Zeta by saving their daughter. In the end, Mighty Eagle and Zeta get married on Bird Island, Red is even more beloved for being honest and selfless after crediting Silver and the whole team for their success, and he and Silver start a relationship.

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