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Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

The Wolf of Wall Street

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Jordan Belfort is a young trader who loses his job during 1987's Black Monday. He then goes to work for a shady trading company that sells cheap stocks to naive customers and due to the huge commission, becomes quickly quite rich. He then teams with his neighbour Donnie and a few school friends to set up their own trading company Stratton Oakmont, using a pump and dump scheme first on average customers, but soon turning to wealthy ones, making a huge profit in the process. The company grows quickly and Jordan divorces his wife to marry Naomi, whom he met at a party, but that does not turn Jordan away from his drug habit and taste for prostitutes. The company then handles the IPO of Steve Madden, and illegal practices allow the founders to gain millions of dollars in cash. To escape scrutiny from the SEC and the FBI, the founders use family members who have a European passports as mules to carry the money to a Swiss bank and open the account in the name of Naomi's British aunt. Donnie gets into a fight with his friend Brad, leading to Brad getting arrested and Jordan's phone being wiretapped. One day, while both high on drugs, Donnie calls Jordan and some incriminating information reaches the FBI. Jordan's father advises him to leave the company, which would put an end on the investigation, but Jordan decides to stay. During a holiday in Italy in 1996, Naomi learns that her aunt had suddenly died, and Jordan is given 24h by his banker to come to Switzerland and get papers forged. On the way to Monaco their yacht is however caught in a storm and sinks while the passengers are rescued; Jordan takes this a sign the he should sober from his drug addiction. In 1998 Jordan is arrested because the Swiss banker is arrested in the US and has given information about Jordan. The latter agrees to help the FBI gather evidence on his colleagues in exchange for leniency. Naomi tells him she wants a divorce and full custody of their children. In rage, high of cocaine, Jordan tries to abduct his daughter, but fails. Later, wearing a wire to work, Jordan slips a note to Donnie, warning him, and eventually gets arrested by the FBI who also raids Stratton Oakmont. Jordan receives a reduced sentence for his testimony and is released in 2000. After his release, he makes a living by hosting seminars on sales techniques.

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