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Wednesday, December 7th, 2022

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

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Alien secretly visit Earth, but one of them is left on the ground when the others take off to flee a group of human. The alien is then found by Elliott who first hides him in his room before sharing the secret with his elder brother and his younger sister. Elliott soon realizes he can feel the alien's thoughts and emotions. He also demonstrates his powers by levitating balls and reviving potted flowers, as well as his ability to cure a small wound. The next day, while Elliott is at school, the alien forages in the fridge and gets drunk on beer, which also affects Elliott's behaviour, causing him to free all the frogs in the biology class. The alien learn to read with comics, names himself E.T. and starts building a communication device to contact his ship. E.T.'s health starts to decline, and on Halloween night, Elliott and his siblings disguise the alien as a ghost and take him to the woods where he can use his device and call home. Elliott wakes up the next morning alone in the forest. He goes home and his brother discovers E.T. dying next to a culvert and takes him home to an also-dying Elliott. Their mother then discovers the truth just as government agents invest the house and wrap it into a biohazard shell. E.T. and Elliott are studied by a number of helpless scientists, but only when the mental connection between the boy and the alien disappears does Elliott get better; E.T. however appears to die and is put in a portable cryo-chamber. As Elliott says his tearful goodbyes to his friend, he notices that the revived flowers that had died at the same time as E.T. have come back to life. With the help of his brother, they steal the van containing the cryo-chamber, and flee to the forest, while their friend help them evade the authorities that are chasing them. In the forest, they reach the space ship as the adults show up. E.T. says goodbye to the children before leaving in the ship.

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