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Sunday, December 31st, 2023

The Big Over Easy

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ISBN: 9780340897102

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In a world where police detectives are ranked based on whether their investigation makes a good story, DI Jack Spratt works in Reading at the Nursery Crime Division. It threatens to be closed because, unless his famous rival Chymes, Spratt does not try to embellish his investigations, which don't make good stories. Spratt is tasked to investigate the death of Humpty Dumpty. The latter is known to have been involved in shady business, making money quickly and loosing it equally quickly, but apparently always with a noble purpose. Before his death, he bought a large number of shares of the once-flourishing Spongg Footcare company and pledged to make a huge donation to the St Cerebellum psychiatric hospital where he had been a patient for forty years. Forensic analysis then reveals that Humpty has been shot. Several people of interest are found dead during the investigation: a neighbour who may have seen the shooter, a man who had stolen the golden egg goose and murdered the woodcutter owning it (an case for which Chymes completely made up the investigation a year earlier) who was killed a year earlier by Humpty's ex-wife who thought she was killing Humpty, said ex-wife who then committed suicide, an ex-professor from the Foot Museum who had stolen the world's largest verruca in order to make a super verruca virus at the same time as its cure. The evidence leads to Spongg who would benefit from the epidemic by selling the cure and who plans to remarry Lola Vavoom, Humpty's wife since two weeks before his death and who inherits Humpty's shares of Speongg Footcare. A late forensic analysis shows that Humpty, basically a giant egg, had however been fertilized by Dr Quatt, a mad scientists working at St Cerebellum. The egg hatched just as Humpty was shot, freeing a killer dinosaur genetically created by Dr Spatt, St Cerebellum's resident mad scientist, in order to exact vengeance on the Jellyman, a mystical political leader who is in Reading for a ceremony in a place where people have to be barefoot (where the virus would have started the epidemic). Jack fights but fails to catch Spongg at his surrealistic mansion before finally fighting the monster at his mother's house where a giant beanstalk happens to be growing.

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