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Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Jeeves and the Greasy Bird

Categories: [ Books/Wodehouse ]

ISBN: 9780091773540

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Published in Plum Pie in 1966.

Bertie learns that his now friend Roderick Glossop is depressed because his fiancee refuses to get married before Roderick's daughter Honoria is married. Aunt Dahlia happens to be working with Blair Eggleston, a young author who produces a serial for her paper, Milady's Boudoir. The author has told Dahlia that he is madly in love with Honoria but is too shy to propose. Bertie then decides to court Honoria to make Eggleston jealous and force him to propose to Honoria. Bertie goes however a bit too far since, after kissing Honoria in front of Eggleston, he learns they had been engaged since the previous evening and that this move made him break the engagement. Honoria of course considers herself to then be engaged to Bertie. To force her to break their engagement, Bertie, on Jeeve's advice, hires an acrtress, Trixie, to pretend to be engaged to him in front of Honoria, but this scheme has been unnecessary since Honoria and Eggleston are already reconciled. The agent of the actress howerver blackmails Bertie to marry Trixie or get sued for breach of promise. On the day the blackmailer comes to Bertie's place to collect his money, Jeeves and Dahlia manage to convince him that Bertie is actually living far beyond his means, has not actually any money to pay him, and would be sent by Dahlia to Canada with a very small allowance.

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