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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Thank You, Jeeves

Categories: [ Books/Wodehouse ]

ISBN: 9780091739874

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Published in 1934.

Bertram Wooster refuses to give up playing the banjolele, and is therefore forced to leave his appartment for a cottage at Chuffnell Regis, the small town of which his friend Chuffy is the lord. Since Jeeves disapproves of Wooster playing the banjolele, he gives him his notice and enters the service of Chuffy. Visiting Chuffy, Wooster meets with displeasure some of his former nemesis, Glossop, Stoker, and Stoker's daughter Pauline to whom he had been engaged for fourty-eight hours, before his father broke the engagement on Glossop's advice. Now Chuffy is madly in love with Pauline, and so is she with him, but Chuffy, completely broke, doesn't dare asking her to marry him before he manages to sell his estate to Stoker. The deal is verbally concluded, but soon broken again because of Wooster's attempt to force Chuffy to ask Pauline in marriage makes her father believe she is still infatuated with Wooster. Later, Pauline escapes her father's yacht and swims to the shore to rejoin Chuffy. She stops at Wooster's cottage to ask him for clothes, but Chuffy discovers her presence there and imagines it is Wooster she wanted to see instead of him. They then break up. After that, Wooster is invited by Stoker aboad his yacht and kept prisoner; he wants to force Wooster to marry his daughter. Thanks to Jeeves, who happened to be aboard the yacht, temporarily serving Stoker, Wooster escapes by blackening his face with boot polish in order to blend with the company of black minstrels who played aboard the yacht the same night. Wooster then returns to his cottage, only to see it burned down by his replacement butler, Brinkley. He then returns to Chuffy's house in the hope to find there butter, which is his only hop to get the boot polish off his face. After a complicated meeting between all the main characters, Stoker is somehow blackmailed in letting Pauline marry Chuffy. In the end, Jeeves becomes Wooster's butler once again.

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