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Sunday, July 13th, 2008

Destiny's Shield

Categories: [ Books ]

ISBN: 0671578723

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Belisarius is a general in the army of the Eastern Roman Empire. In a previous adventure, he was given a living crystal coming from a distant future, Aide, who tries to change the path of history so that his people do not become slaves to a new kind of beings. Aide gives Belisarius visions of the future and together they fight the influence of Link, a representative of the other beings from the future. Link is controling the Malwa, a people from India, who tries to conquer Persia. Although Persia and the Romans (who at that time of history are mostly Greeks) have been enemies in the recent past, the Persians seek an alliance with Rome and especially with Belisarius to repell the Malwa invader. Belisarius and the Persian ambassador then move a Roman-Persian army to Mesopotamia. At the same time, Belisarius' wife Antonina is sent by the Empress Regent of Rome to re-establish Rome's domination over Alexandria. And in India, a rebellion led by the Empress Shakuntala tries to gather followers in order to repell the Malwa from the inside. There are two battles, and at the end, the Malwa are routed out of Persia. But Link already prepares a new invasion.

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