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Thursday, December 5th, 2013


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ISBN: 9780552563154

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Dodger lives in early Victoria London and makes a living as a tosher, finding and reselling precious objects and coins in the sewers. One night he saves the life of a young woman who was beaten up by unknown men. Charles Dickens and Henry Mayhew, who happended to pass by help Dodger and take the woman, who refuses to tell her name, to Mayhew's place. Dodger takes in interest in the woman, named Simplicity by Mayhew, and promises himself to avenge her. During his investigation, he accidentally arrests Sweeney Todd and thanks to Dickens who writes about him in the newspaper and has opens a subscription for him, he becomes famous and much richer than he has ever been. He learns from Simplicity that she is the daughter of a German teacher and married to a German prince against his father's will, and the latter is attempting to get her killed so that his son can be married to a more politically suitable woman. The British government, to avoid diplomatical complications with Germany is in favour of sending Simplicity back. Moreover, the rumor has it that the Germans have sent the Outlander, an assassin that nobody has ever been able to identify, to kill Simplicity and Dodger. Dodger and Dickens then hide Simplicity at Angela Burdett-Coutts place, a known philantropist. Dodger then devises a plan to officially get Simplicity dead: taking advantage of guiding Benjamin Disraeli, Dickens, Mayhew and Simplicity disguised as a boy in a visit through the sewers, Simplicity is supposed to get lost and killed by the Outlander, while the rest of the group find a disfigured body (stolen from the Coroner's mortuary) that looks like Simplicity. During the visit in the sewers, the real Outlander (a woman) attacks Dodger, but his is saved by Simplicity in the nick of time. Dodger's plan can anyway proceed, and Simplicity is now free from her awful husband. Dodger and her plan to get married; Dodger is also hired by the Queen to become one of her spies.

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