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Thursday, September 24th, 2015

The Causal Angel

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ISBN: 9780575088986

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After the events of The Fractal Prince, Jean le Flambeur and Mieli are separated and their sentient spacecraft Perhonen is destroyed. The two protagonists, each in their own way, struggle to decide where their loyalties lie and how to proceed in the catastrophically altered situation: Mieli joins the Zoku on an flat, world-size platform orbiting around Saturn, while Jean attempts to discover what happened to Mars and recover the Kaminari Jewel, currently hidden somwhere by the Elders of the Great Game Zoku, while trying to prevent the copy of young Matjek Chen to become evil like the original. When the Sobornost attack the Zoku around Saturn, Jean hacks into one of their guberniya where he meets the All-Defector, his arch-enemy. Jean understands that the All-Defector is a part of his own mind, stolen when he was in the Dilemma Prison. He manages to defeat it, and the Kaminari Jewel somehow is passed to Mieli, who uses it to destroy Saturn and create her own private universe.

(Adapted from Wikipedia)

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