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Friday, June 10th, 2011

The Technician

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ISBN: 9780230750371

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Masada is a planet controlled by the Theocracy, a religious, totalitarian regime. With the help of the Polity, a pan-planetary empire, the rebels overthrow the Theocracy and Masada joins the Polity. During the final days of the rebellion, a Theocracy proctor named Tombs is attacked by the Technician, a gigantic predatory lifeform called a hooder, one of the strange and few lifeforms on Masada. The Technician skins Tombs alive, but leaves something in his mind. Polity scientists repair Tombs body, and then wait twenty years for his mind to recover. Two million of years ago, Masada was the home to the Atheter, a species that committed global suicide to escape the Jain technology, a technological virus that was taking over their society. The humans on Masada step by step discover that the gabbleducks, large pyramid-shaped animals, are what is left of the Atheter species. The latter had built a Device, currently hiding somewhere in space, that erases intelligence, and the gabbleducks are thus dumbed-down Atheters. The hooders are war machines, and the Technician was used by one Atheter known as the Weaver as a way to safekeep his mind (not all Atheters agreed to commit suicide). When the Device detects again the presence of intelligence on Masada, it comes back to erase it again, but the Polity people organize to fight it, with little success. The Weaver's mind leaves Tombs' brain and enters the one of a gabbleduck, reviving the Atheter race, and directs the Technician in a (successful) attempt at destroying the Device, thus saving the planet.

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