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Sunday, August 21st, 2022

The Scarecrow

Categories: [ TV/Cinema/Buster Keaton ]



Buster is a farmhand living in a small one-room house with his housemate. They have lots of mechanical devices to make their life easier (the stove doubles as a gramophone; the sofa hides the bathtub; the top of the table, where the plates are affixed, can be hung on the wall and washed with a water hose…). Both men try to win the love of the farmer's daughter, but Buster is chased by a dog he believes to be rabid. Having destroyed his clothed during the chase, he has to borrow a scarecrow's clothes. Buster then accidentally kneels in front of the girl who believes he is proposing marriage. They steal a motorcycle and while being chased by Buster's roommate and the girl's father, the scoop up a priest and are married while riding the motorcycle.

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