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Monday, October 17th, 2022

Spider-Man: Far from Home

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After the Blip, where half the population of the universe has disappeared and reappeared unchanged five years later, Peter Parker's school organizes a summer field-trip to Europe. In Venice, Peter helps an unknown superhero nicknamed Mysterio to fight a water elemental that attacks the city. Peter is then contacted by Nick Fury to help fighting elementals who have destroyed a parallel universe Earth from which Mysterio aka Beck is one of the few survivors. Fury also gives Peter Tony Stark's glasses that allow to control all of Stark's weapons. Peter refuses to join Fury's team as he wants to spend his time with his friends and especially declare his flame to MJ. Fury then manipulates the trip's organization and redirects it to Prague instead of Paris, where Peter is given a black Spider-Man-like costume for fighting the fire elemental that is going to attack. Along with Beck they manage to destroy the elemental, but Peter feels inadequate to be a member of Fury's team and decides that Beck should have Stark's glasses. Beck then reveals himself as a manipulator who, with a team of disgruntled other ex-Stark employees, has used holographic projectors to make the elementals and drones to do actual destruction, hidden within the projection. MJ then tells Peter that she knows he is Spider-Man and shows him a projector lost during the battle. Peter decides to go to Berlin (where he knows Fury will be) to tell him about Beck's scheme; he is however greeted by an illusion of Fury and reveals that two of his friends know about the plan, putting them in danger. Beck's illusions puts Peter on the path of a train, and the he later wakes up in a cell in the Netherlands. He escapes and calls Happy who picks him up and flies him to London where the rest of his classmates are currently visiting. Peter then fights Beck's illusion of an air elemental on Tower Bridge and eventually kills him after having recovered Stark's glasses and cancelled the attack. Back in New York, Peter starts a relationship with MJ but a sensationalist media shows faked footage of the attack framing Spider-Man and revealing his secret identity.

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