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Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

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While being proposed in front of an audiance by a man she is not interested in, Alice notices a white rabbit and uses the excuse to interrupt the ceremony. She follows it into its hole and falls down into the Underland, where she is told that she is the chosen one who will slay the Jabberwocky and free the land from the evil queen of hearts. After escaping an attack by the troops of the queen, Alice meets the mad hatter at a tea party. He wants to take Alice to the white queen's castle, but they are again attacked by the red queen's men and Alice again barely escapes. She then decides to go and free the mad hatter from the queen's castle. The queen doesn't recognize her as Alice, and the latter manages to steal the sword with which she is supposed to kill the Jabberwocky before fleeing to the white queen's castle. The red and white queen eventually meet and their champions fight. Alice kills the Jabberwocky and the white queen banishes the red one. Alice comes back from Underland and refuses the marriage proposal, but rather becomes a business partner of the would-have-been groom's father.

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