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Friday, October 21st, 2022

Bringing Up Baby

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David is a paleontologist who must secure a donation from Elizabeth Random to his museum, and also get married the next day. He meet her lawyer on a golf course, but he is prevented to play by a young woman, Susan, who steals his ball, then his car. The same evening, David attempts to meet the lawyer again at a reception, but Susan interferes again. The next day, David receives the one bone that he was missing for completing his brontosaurus skeleton just as Susan telephones, telling him that he must help her handle the tame leopard named Baby sent by her brother Mark. David first refuses, but Susan pretends over the phone to be attacked by Baby. David comes to her rescue still holding the bone and then gets manipulated into accompanying her in taking Baby to her farm in Connecticut. After having locked up Baby, Susan, who has fallen in love with David, does her best to prevent him from leaving and getting married. Susan's aunt then arrives with her dog George who steals the bone and buries it somewhere. David and Susan spend some time following the dog in the hope to recover the bone, making David look like a fool in the aunt's eyes, who happens to be Elizabeth Random. The gardener then inadvertently frees Baby, who is revealed to be a gift to Elizabeth who always wanted a leopard. David calls the zoo to help capture baby, but Susan and him race to capture him before the zoo does. They mistakenly free another, dangerous leopard transported in a truck, believing it were the zoo's people. Because they behave strangely, at night, near a neighbour's house, David and Susan and arrested by a befuddled town policeman. As he does not believe their story, Susan pretends they are members of a gang, and manages to escape. Elizabeth and a few other characters then arrive to the police and get imprisoned as well due to further misunderstanding, until Susan comes back dragging the dangerous leopard behind her, believing it is Baby. David manages to lock it up, and Elizabeth lawyer arrives and verifies everyone's identity. Some time later, Susan brings the missing bone to David, who recognizes that that adventure was the best day of his life, and they finally kiss.

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